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And then there were three… May 30, 2009

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So after all that searching, we’ve thought long and hard and managed to narrow our reception choice down to a top 3:

1)      The Peter Allen House (Dauphin)

There’s a lot to love about this venue.  The home was built in the early 1700’s (the oldest home in Dauphin County) and very charming.  The interior is eclectic- traditional furnishings mixed nicely with Asian artifacts- somehow they make it work- and very well!  However, I’m sure Leigh and I agree that the biggest selling point of the Peter Allen House is the grounds.  Several landscaped acres to stroll thru with a mountain range backdrop, gazebo cocktail area, and a pond.  Oh- and they even turned what used to be the pig stables into a luxury “honeymoon cottage” in the back of the property- so cute!

 peter allen 1

peter allen 2

2)      The Milestone Inn (Harrisburg)

Wow.  So much to say about this place.  The Inn is stunning- An early 20th century Tudor mansion that has been resorted remarkably.  The main floor is made up of several small, adjoining rooms- each one more exciting than the last…But the library (complete with pool table) has to be the coolest.  The 4 sleeping quarters are also unbelievable-one of the nicest “B&B’s” I have ever seen.  And don’t even get me started about the 3rd floor bridal party dressing area (yes-the entire floor!)- amazing!  The outside grounds provide sweeping views of the Susquehanna River and a perfect setting for a tented reception.

 milestone 1

milestone 2

3)      The Foundry (Long Island City, Queens)

This is not your mother’s wedding venue.  But it is oh-so-Queens and we love it because of that!  Situated directly across the water from Manhattan, this loft is built in the middle of an otherwise desolate industrial park.  Just when you think your directions have to be incorrect, you find the entrance and walk inside.  And that’s when it hits you-this place is faboosh!  An old metal foundry, the building has been restored to an open floor plan event space, but has managed to keep many of its original, interesting elements.  The original brick archways line both sides of the space.  The chimneys have been gutted and turned into stairwells with skylights.  The old melting areas are now raw bar space.  Other selling points- A catwalk mezzanine lines the 2nd floor area and the floor to ceiling windows in the back open up to a very private, cobblestone courtyard.  

the foundry 1

the foundry 2

*Honorable mentions to the Conewago Inn for it’s beautifully landscaped grounds and amazing river views.  And to the Chase Court for it’s overall whimsy and lovely secret gardens…


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