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Chicken vs Steak August 23, 2009

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When sending back those RSVPs, you have a very important decision to make.  Yeah, I’m talking about chicken vs steak.

Food and service is provided by Stocks on Second, a downtown American restaurant that is the exclusive caterer to The Milestone Inn.  I was initially put off by the idea of an exclusive caterer, thinking that without competition the quality would suffer, but trust me we would not have chosen The Milestone if we had any doubts about the food.  We have three current or former professional chefs on the guest list!

First let me start with the obvious good choice:  the steak.  It’s a flat iron, which is a nice cut from the shoulder that has some marbling and occasionally a vein of fat running through the center.  The steak is tenderized and served with a shallot burgundy sauce.  The caramelized shallots that top the meat have that delicious sweet flavor that goes so well with the burgundy wine sauce.  It’s a good cut to be served medium with a nice pink center and a seared crust.

You know if it were up to me we’d all be eating beef but I know not everyone wants a steak and it’s nice to have some choice.  We tried several different options at Stocks and although everything was delicious, I am shocked to say that the roast chicken was the best, definitely the best chicken I’ve had in a long time!  It’s skinless but when it comes out of the oven it has that nice crispy texture and the taste of fresh herbs when you take the first bite.  The chicken is stuffed with a basil chicken farce and comes with a nice light vermouth sauce.  A typical serving will have a piece of breast meat and a bone-in drumstick.

I was really impressed with the food.  I know the chef took some extra care in preparing our tasting portions but I guarantee this is not going to be your typical wedding meal.  Of course there are appetizers and sides too that I’ll just leave as a surprise.


1. Joan Sweinhart - August 24, 2009

So, besides Anders, who are the other professional chefs on the guest list? I think just to cover our bases we will order one steak and one chicken and then taste each…..Gordon and Joan

2. Christina Sporer - October 14, 2009

jason is a chef

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