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Wedding Party

The Ladies

Teresa and JulieJULIE SILVER- Maid of Honor, Pittsburgh, PA/ New York, NY

Julie and Teresa met in the Design department of August Silk.  Teresa was working full time and in need of a new roommate.  Julie was interning, new to the city, and in need of a place to live.  The rest, as they say, is history…

Julie currently works as a Sweater Production Coordinator and is pursuing a career in education as a school counselor.

Teresa and ChristinaCHRISTINA SPORER- Matron of Honor, Lakeville, PA/ Bethlehem, PA

Christina and Teresa met their freshman year of college.  Both young and new to the city of New York and to the crazy ways of FIT, they clung to each other for dear life.  Funny how sheer fear really brings people together.  ; )   The two lived together throughout college and for several years after.

Christina works in Production at Swim USA, based in Pennsylvania.

Teresa and AmyAMY HAEGELE- Bridesmaid, Fredericksburg, PA/ Phoenixville, PA

Amy and Teresa go waaaaay back.  The two met in kindergarten, although it wasn’t until many years later that they actually became friends.  You may not believe it by looking at her now, but Amy was the feared class bully.  She would pull Teresa’s hair and *tattle* on her whenever she had the chance.  Somehow the two overcame their differences, became very close, and have shared in all those high school experiences that keep people friends for life…

Amy has a degree in Graphic Design and enjoys working on her arts, crafts, and jewelry line…

The Gentlemen

All of Leigh’s friends can be traced back to The College of Insurance, but only a select few can claim the experience firsthand.  All of the groomsmen are members of this elite circle.  After TCI, our personal journeys went in different directions, but our paths crossed once again over New Years Eve 2001.  Soon after, the seeds were planted for our foray into online fantasy sports with the KFBA.  We have been close ever since.

Danzenberg SchottsoDan “Schottsie” Schroder, originally hailing from Long Island, now represents the Upper West Side.  Dan has an encyclopedic knowledge of all sports, and is passionate about the Yankees.  He is currently employed as the office manager for The Artemis Group, an executive search firm focused on the legal industry with offices in Times Square.

Leigh and KeithKeith Wayland, The Broham, born and raised in Puerto Rico, now resides in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife Kristen and newborn daughter Kate.  Keith holds things together as a Partner at RPI.  When he’s done flexing his matching skills, he pursues his interest in music and is the energy that keeps KFBA going strong.

Greg, Jenny, and LeighGreg Pollard, originally from upstate New York and widely travelled since, has grown new roots in Baltimore, Maryland.  His wife Jennifer is expecting a baby boy.  Greg’s pursuit of the latest and greatest, technology and otherwise, has been appreciated both on and off the field as they say.  He is a Partner with RPI and was the project manager for CHI, where Leigh worked full-time for nearly three years.

The Ushers

Teresa and DerekDerek Sweinhart- Usher, Fredericksburg, PA/ Frederick, MD

Derek and Tracy, as with most brothers and sisters, didn’t always get along.  Sure there were the good times, but there were also the fight- till-you-see-blood-times.  Thankfully, they grew out of their differences, and grew up to be not only close siblings, but also close friends.

Derek works for the government as an Electrical Engineer often traveling for work.  He has spent great lengths of time in Korea, Germany, and Italy, to name just a few… He currently lives in Frederick, MD with his fiancé Amy.

Teresa and BrandonBrandon Macaluso- Usher, Pottsville, PA/ Woodridge, NJ

Brandon, Leigh, and Teresa have all been friends for many years.  In fact, Brandon was a mutual friend largely responsible for L&T meeting.  Brandon and Leigh met and became friends at The College of Insurance.  Brandon and Teresa solidified their friendship on their many trips to PA on the dreaded Bieber bus.

Brandon recently got his Master’s in Financial Engineering and currently works at AIG as a Senior Treasury Analyst.


1. Joan Sweinhart - June 3, 2009

Are Jeeter and/or Willie going to be in the wedding party?

2. Joan Sweinhart - August 25, 2009

Wow! I can’t wait to see this wedding party all dressed up and ready to go! What a fine looking bunch of ladies and gentlemen! Mother Sweinhart

3. Christina Sporer - September 22, 2009

Christina who?

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